Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Innovation Edge

In London at "the innovation edge" conference hosted by NESTA (group w/ the mandate to encourage innovation in the UK.)

Tim Berners-Lee is speaking (inventor of the web) and just said two really interesting things: (1) (paraphrasing einstein) - if we knew what we were going to get at the innovative process, it wouldn't be called research. (2) Advice to grantmakers - don't ask those who you give money to tell you exactly what they'll get at the end of the process. (Otherwise you'll kill the innovative potential of what they're doing.)

Here here.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Cambodian taxi rank

Cambodian Kudos to twitter've got to be impressed by a tool that instantly uploads messages to your blog when you’re in a country that doesn’t have mobile data services.

That said, my goodness mobile is prolific here. I was in Cambodia once prior in 2004 and don't recall seeing much evidence of any mobile network. Now 7 companies are competing. And people are all calling at will: In just over an hour since I arrived, an unconnected group of 3 taxi drivers have organized themselves via mobile phone. First the fellow selling rides at the airport called his mate in the parking lot who brought around a car to pick me up and ferry me to a nearby café, stationed on the side of the highway heading down to the coast. He called someone at the café who, ahead of our arrival, started flagging taxis that were passing by to find one that was already planning to go to the coast so that he could pick up a return fare and provide the other guys with a commission for their work. Efficiency!